Which of the following Car Rental features does Swift Car Rental Offer - Select only which applies

Wide Car Selection; Zero to Low Car Rental Deposit

What is the main reason why people should book Swift Car Rental? Try to list at least 3 reasons

Most reliable Less hassle Excellent customer service

List at least 3 testimonials from Happy Customers which can be used on the website. Include their Name and actual testimonial

Christine Gordon – enjoys the vehicle and how they drive very well Everald dicks – enjoys the service is given and the great level of vehicle Peter Lawrence – thinks swift is a cut above the rest as we ensure vehicles are properly checked before rental

Which of the following car rental services do Swift Car Rental provide as add ons?

Baby Car/ Booster Seat; Personal Driver; Bluetooth Radio

For the extras that you do provide, please indicate the daily costing below

This is dependent on several factors

Can someone reserve a car on the same day for pickup?


What documents does a customer need to rent ?

Driver’s License

What is the minimum age for someone to rent a car?


What are the terms for a customer to change, modify or cancel a reservation?

A 20 percent fee is applied if a cancellation is done upon reserving a vehicle

If Swift Car Rental use security deposits, how long does a customer have to wait to get a refund?

24 hours after the vehicle is returned

What payment options are available to customers?

Credit/ Debit Card; Cash on Pickup or Delivery; Bank Transfer